Due to popular demand,we've restocked our black metallic leggings from batch 4 again!!! Only 10 pcs available in stock...hurry up and send in your orders!! =)


Cowboy Blue (price revised! NOW RM39 ONLY!), Batch No.2, Item 95 SOLD!, Pre-loved Batch 2 :)

1.Juicy Couture Bags price RE-REVISED!! :))

Do check it out!

2.Clearance sale NEW item Batch 1 !

3. Crazy Sale For PRE-loved Item Batch 1

Enjoy Shopping! ♥♥♥

Friday, February 20, 2009

SALE SALE !!Gorgeous 11!

*Pic credits to Pins+Pegs*
we got military jackets! (exact ones from pins+pegs)
comes in HOT RED only ;D
fits up to UK Size 12 :)
Price : RM36
Status : SOLD!


*Picture credits to Clothesbucket and Kiss and Tell
Item 120
Ok i know that the voting at the poll about which type of shoes you girls prefer is still going on
But up till now, i see that the results are pretty average for all of them
It is a Chanel-inspired oxford =D
These babies stand at 2.5 inches high
I'm doing a pre-order on this so payment has to be made b4 i go get the stocks to avoid back-outs
There were other blogshops which were selling it and all were quickly sold out! :)
So hurry up and send in your orders yeah!
Price : RM69
Sizes available:
Size 35 (Vincci 4) -SOLD!! (Kevy)
Size 36 (Vincci 5) - Available
Size 37 (Vincci 6) - SOLD!! (Feegy)
Size 37 (Vincci 6) - SOLD!! (Elle)
Size 38 (Vincci 7) - Reserved for Nurzafirah
Size 39 (Vincci 8) - SOLD!! (Fanny)
Size 40 - SOLD!! (Nora)
Heels : 2.5 inches
i'll only restock for each batches if orders of size 35-39 are are complete or at least 4 sizes are ordered

Item 119
Gold gladiators! =D
The supplier had only one pair left and i grabbed it :)
Perfect for a casual day out shopping
Very comfy! :)
Price : RM56
Status : Size 37 (Vincci 6) Available

item 118
high waisted SHORT ? heehee..this piece comes with the White tee too
Never miss the chance that u can match it with a fedora and a gorgeous bag babe !
Size: Fits uk 6-uk8
SALE SALE : RM 33 !!
Status :
Greygreen- Sold to Vivien Chew
Black -Sold to Chow Zhen Ru

Item 117

More for rOCKER CHICS babe ! A super loose hot tee with stars.Comes with FREE scarf =)

Size : Free size
Price : RM 27
Status : Red stars-SOLD OUT
* Restockable and comes in light green stars and orange stars too*

item 116
A lovely gorgeous piece . Can wear it with pants or as sexy mini dress =)
Comfortable material and shows up your sexyness! Also can wear it like or with TUBE `
Matches with all kind of accesorries babe >.<
Size : fits UK 6-10
Price : RM 28
Sale : RM 20!!
Status :
Pink -Sold to Suat Leng,Available
White -Sold to Karen Lee,Sold to Ying Ying
Black - Sold to Sharron Yee
Blue -Sold to chika,Sold to Karen Lee,Sold to Nur Fiza
Item 115
A simple halter Top! Comfortable and look glamourous =) Match it with a simple clinchers and a pair of heels babe ! xoxo.
Price : RM 22 ( RESTOCKABLE )
Status :
Turqouise - Sold Out
White - Sold Out
Black - Sold Out
* restockable and also available in ,yellow,blue,red and green colour !

SALE SALE SALE !!BATCH 10 !! <3 shoeeeee

Item 114
A open toe WEDGE which comes in 4 different metallic colours =)*giggles* Never meet this pair of heel! Comfortable and sparks out your outtings babe
(: a strap with a hook which make you more stable when wearing them !!
--Grab them now while they are stillhere--
Price : RM 46
SALE SALE : RM 35 !! { might be restock,mail us }
Status :
Mysterious Purple : Size 38/vinnci 7- Sold
Dark Turqouise : Size 36/vincci 5-Sold
Size 37/vincci 6-Sold
Size 38/vincci 7- Sold
Gorgeous Brown : Size 35/vincci 4-Sold
Size 36/vincci 5-Sold
Size 37/vincci 6-Sold
Size 38/vincci 7- Sold to Shanggeetha
Hot Red :Size 36/vincci 5- Sold
** Recommend to buy one size bigger if you require for more comfortable **
Item 113
A heart shape BLINGY slipper =) With gold strap..Look simple and Nice !!
It also come in silver and black but gold is the best ! >.<
Status :
37/vincci 6 - available,Sold to Yeehui,Swap with Chels
38/vincci 7-Sold to Yee Hui
39/vincci 8-available,Sold to Anasthasia
40/vincci 8/9- Reserved for Megan
41/vincci 9-Sold to Qua Mei Lin
Price : RM 20 per pair
Will take the stock for min. 3 orders =)
Restock list :
1. Cindi Sim- Size 39 SOLD !
2. Sue - Size 39 SOLD !


Left : Without Flash / Right : With flash

Cowboy Blue
I don't know why, but this reminds me of cowboy boots?
A more FUTURISTIC Cowboy heels! ;D
measured 3 inches high
One of the kind of heels that you don't see very often eh?
Only available in Navy Blue
and it is not restocktable!
Price : RM69 only!
Clearance sale! RM 39 ONLY!
Status :
Size 4 SOLD!!
Size 5 Reserved for Yen
Size 6 Reserved for Arnie SOLD!!
Size 7 SOLD!!

Sizes similar to vincci shoe sizes :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Item 112
We brought in the smaller version of this type of bags at 1st
And now, we're bringing the bigger version for those who prefers bigger sized bags to be able to put more stuff and look stylish at the same time
This bag also comes along with a cute coin purse! =D
Plus,the quality of this bag is really good.
Hurry up and mail us to purchase!! :)
Price : RM45 only!

RM35 only!!! *steal*

Status :
Black - SOLD!! (Chloe)
Black - Available
Dark purple - Available
*might be restockable...will only restock if orders reach 3 pcs or more


Item 111
This LOUIS VUITTON watch is special and rare designs.They comes in few colours actually
but i think this colour is the best for girls =)
It's strap and the circle around the head clock engraves full with LV logos ^^
Comfortable wearing with all kinds of apparel *
Price : RM 39
Status: Available
[ Restockable ]
-Wholesale available too with cheaper price-

Item 110

Our very first batch of watches :) *giggles*It comes in 2 deisgns with 2 different colours .It written there GUESS

and the background of the watch is marble like with blings around it
We sell them at a reasonable price which more you order more discounts you
able to get them >.<
Price : RM 18
Status : Design a-SOLD to Avynna Le
Design b-SOLD
Design c-SOLD to Avynna Le
Design d- SOLD
[ Totally restockable,no worries babe ]
-Wholesales are available too for cheaper price-
Kinny Chu (design b)- Sold

Item 109

Tee with HOODS ! isnt it great ? :) this is a tee which u can pair it with shorts or mini skirts
never missed this piece.
It's colour is unique added with the space designs of poker cards ^^
It comes with studs too which will blings your oufits as well =)
Grab it now !
Price : RM 15
Status :
- Sold to chika

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Batch 7!

Pair with waist clincher for a more stylish look! =D

Item 105
Normal bf tees are sometimes a lil too baggy for us girls,so now we are bringing in slim-cut bf tees!!
This bf tee is stylish yet casual at the same time
Match it with a pair of leggings and waist clincher and you're ready to look fab for the rest of the day! =D
Hurry up and send in your orders
Limited stocks!
Price : RM43
Status : Available while stocks last
Colours available : Brown and black, white and black

Item 104
Casual dress =)
i just loveeeee the sleeves
a simple dress for a casual day out
very comfy material =D
Price : RM42
Status : Available
*restockable in black,white and pink

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Batch 6!

Juicy Couture Bags!!
*price revised!*

*Click on images for bigger and clearer view!*

Design A
This design is personally my favourite!
Has 2 zip compartments outside and another smaller one inside
and also that secret net compartment at the side
that ribbon there really gives that bag the girlishness of it no? ;D
Available in Brown *as shown in picture* only!
Price : RM155

Design B
Need lots more space for your stuff?
Here you go! :)
Inside is VERY spacious, you can put in practically anything!
Good enough for a nite trip out with friends ;D
and i completely adore the heart shaped compartment at the bag! no? :)
Available in : Pink/Brown (as shown in pic), Grey/Pink, Purple/Pink
Price : RM190

Design C
Well okay maybe you prefer a shorter version of a sling bag?
easier to carry around and suitable for any outing
the designs are sooo cutee!! 2 little crystal hearts ;D
has a ribbon tied at the side too!
has a small zip compartment inside
and comes with more colours for you too choose from!
Available in : Grey/Pink, Baby Blue/Pink, Brown/Pink (as shown in pic), Purple/Pink
Price : RM172

Design D
Got a dinner?
Or maybe you just prefer a little handbag that will add some class into your outfit?
Here's a small 1 just right for anybody :)
simple and classy with that golden chain as the strap! what else could i say?
except how nice that J keychain they have there!!
Available in : Brown/Pink (as show in pic), Grey/Pink, Purple/Pink
Price : RM132 only!

Colour sample!
(Design C)
Counter clockwise
Purple/Pink (inside), Baby Blue/Pink, Grey/Pink, Brown/Pink
colours are all the same with the other designs

*The more you buy, the cheaper it will be :))

There are pre-order items :)
i'll be collecting a MINIMUM of 3 orders before i head out to the supplier's shop
and payment must be made first to confirm your purchase!


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