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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Items Batch 2

(Colour is little more to maroon, sorry for the bad quality image!)

Item 80
Haven't got your LBD yet?
or maybe other little colour dresses?
Here's your chance!
Satin dresses available in 3 colours only and the satin sash is included too! :)
use the sash in any way you want
Price : RM36
Size : Free Size (smocked back)
Status : Black - SOLD!
White - SOLD!
Maroon - SOLD!

Item 79
High quality satin dress with beautiful detail lace skirts ;D
wear this to a dance/prom and you would surely takes everyone attention!
since lace dresses are pretty rare to find, we still managed to get one for you
has a padded bust and also has a zip at the side
only 1 colour each and it is NOT restocktable!
and sorry for the bad quality image :(
it looks sooo much better in real life
Price : RM43 only!! *such a steal*
Size : XS-M
Status : Red/Black - Available
Black/White - SOLD!!
White/Black - Reserved for Yvonne Chu

Item 78
I thought the colours are really pretty
Price : RM22! *steal steal steal!*
Size : XS-Small M only
Status : Reserved for Ann Gee SOLD!!

Item 77
Doesn't this yellow simply blinds you? O.o
or pair it with leggings and off you go! :)
Available in one colour only!
Price : RM27
Size : Free Size
Status : Reserved for angelique SOLD!!

Item A6 Hat
Our one and only beanie! :)
yes seriously there's only 1 available
the knitted cotton material is superb ;D
Price : RM27
Status : Reserved for Christy SOLD!!

put the sleeves up for another look! :)

Item 76
Kimonos Kimonos Kimonos
What more I could say?
Comes in two colours, Black and Pink
the ribbon in front adds that little special thing that mostly other kimono's don't have
so pretty yet still casual :)
Price : RM33 only!
Size : Free Size (Black tube not included)
Status : SOLD OUT!

Item 75
Satin soft material jacket :) very comfortable
perfect for working ladies!
attached with the jacket inside
comes with a sash too!
Price : RM20
Size : Fits up to M
Status : Grey - Available
Black - Available

Item 74
Electric Blue dress!! :D
has a sash attached to it at the top (can't see in pic :( sorry!)
so you can tie is as a halter neck dress or just alittle ribbon at the back :)
Price : RM24
Size : Free Size
Status : Reserved SOLD!!


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