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Friday, February 20, 2009

SALE SALE SALE !!BATCH 10 !! <3 shoeeeee

Item 114
A open toe WEDGE which comes in 4 different metallic colours =)*giggles* Never meet this pair of heel! Comfortable and sparks out your outtings babe
(: a strap with a hook which make you more stable when wearing them !!
--Grab them now while they are stillhere--
Price : RM 46
SALE SALE : RM 35 !! { might be restock,mail us }
Status :
Mysterious Purple : Size 38/vinnci 7- Sold
Dark Turqouise : Size 36/vincci 5-Sold
Size 37/vincci 6-Sold
Size 38/vincci 7- Sold
Gorgeous Brown : Size 35/vincci 4-Sold
Size 36/vincci 5-Sold
Size 37/vincci 6-Sold
Size 38/vincci 7- Sold to Shanggeetha
Hot Red :Size 36/vincci 5- Sold
** Recommend to buy one size bigger if you require for more comfortable **
Item 113
A heart shape BLINGY slipper =) With gold strap..Look simple and Nice !!
It also come in silver and black but gold is the best ! >.<
Status :
37/vincci 6 - available,Sold to Yeehui,Swap with Chels
38/vincci 7-Sold to Yee Hui
39/vincci 8-available,Sold to Anasthasia
40/vincci 8/9- Reserved for Megan
41/vincci 9-Sold to Qua Mei Lin
Price : RM 20 per pair
Will take the stock for min. 3 orders =)
Restock list :
1. Cindi Sim- Size 39 SOLD !
2. Sue - Size 39 SOLD !


Left : Without Flash / Right : With flash

Cowboy Blue
I don't know why, but this reminds me of cowboy boots?
A more FUTURISTIC Cowboy heels! ;D
measured 3 inches high
One of the kind of heels that you don't see very often eh?
Only available in Navy Blue
and it is not restocktable!
Price : RM69 only!
Clearance sale! RM 39 ONLY!
Status :
Size 4 SOLD!!
Size 5 Reserved for Yen
Size 6 Reserved for Arnie SOLD!!
Size 7 SOLD!!

Sizes similar to vincci shoe sizes :)


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